Eagles of Fire - National, Governmental   

                              Kingdom  Alliance of Washington D.C. 

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Apostle Blossom Brackman: We at the Eagles of Fire of Sovereign Authority of Washington D.C. Feel it’s time for the Judeo-Christian voice to be heard.by our policy makers. “We the People of the United States”. We have partnered with Shekinah Today, Congressional Prayer Conference of Washington DC, and Golden Rule International who has been on the Hill since 2000 and have seen the operation of politics on Capitol Hill.

We are looking to create a new Christian Statesman "The People's  of God's Presence Parliament" in the United States of America and around the world. It’s time for the voice of God to be heard in America. We are building a great network of true statesmen's that have God’s interest and not special interest for themselves, as we build our Statesmen's network we will have the power of God and great numbers of people for voting to bring change and biblical values back to America and around the world through the greatest force known to man.  LOVE!